You can watch all 12 of Dr Steve Carter's video Reflections on YouTube at

A Distinctive Community (5) 1 John 3:1-10
Video Talk by Dr Steve Carter on 1 John Chapter 3 verses 1-10
Duration: 18.38

Christmas Virtual Service
SSBC Church video for Christmas time viewing
Duration: 35.10

A Distinctive Community (4) 1 John 2:18-29
Video talk by Dr Steve Carter on 1 John
Duration: 21.22

Sunday Service 29th November
Virtual Church Service for Advent Sunday
Duration: 37.25

Sunday Service 1st November
SSBC Virtual Church Service for Sunday 1st November
Duration: 29.30

A Distinctive Community (3) 1 John 2:3-17
Third Study on the First Epistle of John by Dr Steve Carter
Duration: 20.22

A Distinctive Community (2): 1 John 1:5 - 2:2
2nd Part of monthly reflection on the letter 1 John
Duration: 16.30

Sunday Service 20th September
Sheep Street Baptist Church Virtual Sunday Service
Duration: 57.47

Sermon on the Mount
A reading of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 verses 1-12) set in the Wiltshire Ian Bayley.
Duration: 21.24

Sunday Service 30th August
Sheep Street Baptist Church Sunday Service for 30th August 2020
Duration: 41.00

A Distinctive Community (1) 1 John 1:1-4
First of Series of studies on 1 John by Dr Steve Carter
Duration: 17.33

Sunday Service 26th July 2020
Virtual Sunday Service including Music, an Interview, a video of Tunisia, and a Children's talk and Sermon by Wes Poirot.
Duration: 51.59

The Reason to Hope Part 1 - Revd Nigel Coles
Follow on Video Series from "Hope in Uncertain Times"
Duration: 7.21

Sunday Service 28th June 2020
Video of Sunday Service for 28th June 20
Duration: 39.19

It is Wrong - Racism
A heartfelt Reflection by Revd Darryll Stephen on what it is like to be a black life today.
Duration: 19.20

Pentecost Sunday Virtual Service
Our Church's Video to Celebrate Pentecost Sunday - 31st May
Duration: 38.00

Do Not Worry
Set on Cameron and Muriel Naughton's Wiltshire farm, the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5 and 6 are brought to life with the farm animals and wildlife on the farm. The Beatitudes from Matthew 5 are voiced by children from Sheep Street Baptist Church in Devizes. Sheep, border collies, orchids and cowslips add detail to views of rolling hills and fields as Jesus' teaching about the values of the Kingdom of heaven are retold.
Duration: 4.15

The UK Blessing Virtual Choir
A mix of 46 soloists/groups singing the Lord Bless You and Keep You
Duration: 6:46

Feed My Lambs
Farmer Muriel Naughton with Lambs talking about Jesus's command to "Feed my Lambs"
Duration: 4:06