The Spring Sermon Series

The Spring Sermon Series

The Bible’s Big Story


In our sermon series before Easter we will be looking at how the many stories of the Bible can be put together around the theme of the kingdom of God. By showing us where we fit into that one story, the series should help us to understand better what God calls us to be and do as Christians. It is based (with some variations) on the God’s Big Picture study course; more details of this are available at 




Bible Text


19th January


The Creation

Genesis Ch. 1 & 2

Steve Carter

26th January


The Fall

Genesis Ch. 3

Pam Sloane

2nd February

The Covenant with Abraham

Genesis Ch. 17 verses 1-8

James Turner

16th February

The Giving of the Law

Exodus Ch. 19 verses 4-6; Ch. 20 verses 1-17

Steve Carter

23rd February

The Son of David

2 Samuel Ch. 7 verses 1-17

Pam Sloane

1st March


The Prophet’s Promise

Hosea Ch. 1-3

Steve Carter

15th March

The Coming of the King

Luke Ch. 1 verses

67 - 79

Revd Martin Smith

22nd March

The Apostles’ Proclamation

2 Corinthians Ch.4

James Turner

29th March

The Kingdom Perfected

Revelation Ch. 21 v 1 to Ch. 22 verse 5

Pam Sloane