Church Life - Our New Minister in Training

Wes Poirot – Short Introduction

Before taking on the role of Minister in Training at Sheep Street Baptist Church, I remember wondering what you called people who attended the church: Sheep Streeters? Sheepsters? The membersheep?  Of course, we had one connection straight away – I’m originally from Anglesey where the ratio of sheep to humans is approximately 20:1. I’m surprised it’s this low.

I was blessed with being brought up in a Christian family and on completing two degrees in the social sciences, moved down to Bath to train to be a teacher. Getting married in 1999 to Elaine who I’d met at University, we surprisingly found ourselves at our local Anglican church, something non-conformists aren’t expected to do.

Over the following twenty plus years, whilst pursuing a career in education, I found myself being gently discipled by many at All Saints Church, getting increasingly involved with children’s work, home group leading, service leading and preaching. We were also blessed with two daughters, Emi (nearly 12 – nearly is important at this age) and Isla (8).

Having had a very strong calling (which is a story I can’t squeeze into 300 words) I reluctantly applied for the full time Youth Worker position at the church, which I did (no longer so grudgingly ) for five years, before being led to the role of Minister in Training at Sheep Street Baptist Church.

I’m anything but perfect but I love Jesus and people (and mountain biking, reading and music!) and want to play my part in furthering God’s lifegiving kingdom. Rather than being Sheep Streeters, may we be a people who, for all our brokenness, outrageously love both God and our neighbour.